Amazon deploys limited edition shipping boxes featuring Mario

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Nintendo has teamed up with Amazon to celebrate Mario's 35th anniversary. Among other things, some lucky Amazon customers may get a special limited edition box sporting Nintendo's IP with their next order — including for orders that don't involve any Nintendo products or accessories. Amazon is likewise promoting a number of Mario-related products with a dedicated web page.

The new Amazon limited edition Nintendo box is bright red and features large images of Mario and Luigi. It's unclear how many of these boxes will be shipped, but it seems the shipments will run throughout November while supplies last. This is a part of Amazon's larger partnership with Nintendo, which is offering players the chance to earn 100 Platinum Points.

If you head over to the Nintendo website's Missions page, you'll find the Amazon mission with an end date of December 31. Click on that mission and you'll be taken to this Amazon page, which includes a link to the Amazon Super Marios Bros 35th Mission. You'll need a Nintendo account to play the mission and, once completed, enter the My Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Sweepstakes.

Digging into the details, it seems the sweepstakes winner will get a Nintendo Switch alongside five $20 eShop gift cards, the PowerA enhanced wireless controller featuring a Mario Silhouette, as well as the games Monopoly Super Mario Bros Celebration edition and Jenga: Super Mario Edition.

Completing the mission will also get participants 100 Platinum points, as mentioned. That aside, Amazon's partnership with Nintendo seems to revolve around promoting certain products, including the upcoming game Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury and Super Mario 3D All-Stars.