Amazon Dash one-click ordering goes digital

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Amazon Dash is a strange but oddly reasonable product.It removes every excuse not to get your groceries done, especially for essential supplies. Or seen in another way, it appeals to the human propensity for laziness. But apparently even the act of physically pushing a button might be too much work. Or that people are not so keen on buying a $5 button. So what is poor Amazon to do? Why, make a virtual Amazon Dash button, of course! And that is exactly what smart Amazon did.

If you're a Prime user, you now have really no excuse. You don't even have to spend anything to use Dash. No physical button push either. Then again, you also won't have the satisfying feeling of pushing that button and knowing that your favorite detergent is on its way.

The Virtual Dash buttons is ingenious and heaven-sent for Dash users. There are literally hundreds of products available for Prime delivery, and Amazon, or you, are unlikely to have physical buttons for each one of them. So since everything is digital, why not the buttons too?

Why, yes, of course! Now Prime subscribers can go to the "Accounts & Lists" section of the Amazon home page or in the equivalent section of their Amazon mobile app. You might be surprised to see some existing Dash buttons there. Amazon automatically creates those from products you've ordered once but are likely to order again, based on Amazon's own stats. Of course, you're free to create your own buttons, or delete existing ones, provided they ship with Prime.

SOURCE: Amazon

VIA: Re/code