Amazon Dash Buttons let you order goods with a single tap

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When you need something, you likely don't realize it until you go to use it. Your laundry detergent might be dangerously low, or maybe the battery drawer is empty. Kids run out of diapers all the time! When you run out of stuff, you probably run to Amazon to order more. For you, Amazon now has what they call 'Dash Buttons', which orders items for you with a single push, from anywhere in your home.

Dash Buttons relate directly to a single product, and relies on a default order you choose form your order history. An adhesive back (or hook holsters, if you like hard-mounting) lets you slap the buttons anywhere.

The Dash Buttons work via the Amazon mobile app, where you set them up on your WiFi network. Once configured, the button — when pressed — triggers an automatic order that routes to your default shipping address in Amazon's system, using your default payment method.

If you have second thoughts about an order, you can cancel via the mobile app. Amazon also says the buttons won't trigger multiple orders for accidental pushes; once an order is delivered, the button is once again ready to receive your new order.

Buttons are tied to brands, and it looks like those mentioned in the announcement are all Amazon has for us right now.

For now, it's invite-only, but you can request to be let into the fun via the link below. Keep in mind you'll also need a Prime membership. Buttons are free, but do comb through the brands listed before jumping on board.

Source: Amazon