Amazon Cloud Cam can now relive and share its last 24 hours

If you thought the Fire Phone was going to be Amazon's last controversial product, you might not have heard of Amazon Key. While that service definitely raises eyebrows and ruffles feathers, it sadly overshadowed a related product that could stand proudly on its own. The Amazon Cloud Cam is the retailer's entry into the smart security camera market and exists independently of giving delivery personnel access to your abode. And with the latest update, it sets itself apart further and makes it even more useful as a standalone product.

The Amazon Cloud Cam is an indoor smart security camera plain and simple. The fact that it is associated with the Amazon Key is almost coincidental. You'd want to have a security camera when someone delivers your package inside, and Amazon would want that camera to be its own. That said, you can definitely use it on it own, and the latest string of updates make it an even more enticing option.

Owners of the Cloud Cam can now download the video clip from the last 24 hours for review offline. They can even stream it to their device if they're not at home. Best of all, this is available totally for free. This addresses one of our biggest nitpicks about the device's free subscription which, prior to this update, only stored the past 24 hours but didn't let you download them.

The update also includes a new, smaller option. You can disable audio recording as well as audio streaming so that all you will get is video. This could help reduce the file size of recordings, making it also easier to stream over constrained bandwidths.

This update comes on the heels of an update that was pushed out weeks ago which, among other things, added sound and vibration notifications and support for iPads. Amazon promises it isn't stopping here either. Next week, it will roll out an update that will let users turn on the camera just by asking Alexa. These features are automatically added via an OTA update to the camera but users should also update their Android and iOS apps to make sure they get the latest features.