Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Filed To Patent Airbags For Smartphones

If you're prone to dropping your smartphone, then Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos may have just the solution for you. Airbags! A patent application filing recently surfaced with the inventors listed as Bezos himself along with Amazon VP Greg Hart. The patent app is titled "a system and method for protecting devices from impact damage."

The invention involves a safety monitoring system that uses a gyroscope, camera, infrared beam, radar and various other sensors to determine if a device is risk damage from impact. In a split second, protection can be deployed in the form of airbags, springs, or even air propulsion.

It can even be a combination of the protection mechanisms such that air can be expelled to orient the device in a manner so that it can land properly onto the side where the airbag is deployed or where the springs are situated. Another option is that the device would have multiple small airbags that inflate via an embedded cartridge of compressed air or carbon dioxide.

The patent application was originally filed back in February 2010, but was recently made public on the USPTO site.

[via GeekWire]