Amazon and Omron Healthcare create Alexa blood pressure skill

Amazon is collaborating with Omron Healthcare to create a blood pressure skill for Alexa. The upcoming skill will be compatible with Omron blood pressure devices, enabling them to use the personal assistant for reminders, getting daily average blood pressure readings, and more. The new skill will help patients manage their condition using voice commands.

The blood pressure skill will enable Omron customers to connect their device to the personal assistant, enjoying the best features of both to better and more conveniently manage their conditions. This support, which was confirmed by Omron but not commented on by Amazon, will be the first Alexa skill that works with a blood pressure monitor.

With this skill, Alexa will pair with the Omron blood pressure monitor via the company's mobile app. Once that's achieved, users will be able to connect the system with Alexa, which will provide on-demand readings, level comparisons, the most recent blood pressure results, and more.

As well, users will be able to set Alexa to give them reminders when it is time to take their blood pressure again. The feature may help patients remember to gather the data that may be vital to managing their blood pressure condition. The patient will need an Omron blood pressure monitor to use the skill, however.

According to Omron's CEO Ranndy Kellogg, the company's team worked with Amazon's Echo and Alexa employees to build the new skill, then test it. The two companies' teams reportedly worked "extremely closely" on the project, which hopefully means the skill will be nicely polished.