Amazon Alexa wireless earbuds tipped with built-in activity tracking

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 23, 2019, 4:39pm CDT
Amazon Alexa wireless earbuds tipped with built-in activity tracking

Amazon is preparing to launch its own fitness tracking device, a new report claims, and it may come in the form of wireless earbuds. The alleged product is reportedly codenamed ‘Puget’ and packing the hardware necessary to monitor the user’s movements, offering details on things like how many calories were burned. The same leak also claims Amazon is working on a new Echo device offering better sound quality.

The idea of fitness tracking earbuds aren’t new, though they’re not terribly common, either. There’s a distinct advantage to getting your activity tracking from a smartwatch or band rather than earbuds, namely that a watch can be worn all day. Some users may not be interested in daily metrics, however, instead wanting only to track their runs or general gym sessions.

Amazon is planning to offer a pair of activity tracking earbuds that feature an accelerometer and provide direct access to Alexa, according to CNBC. The ‘Puget’ earbuds are described as wireless, and though it’s not explicitly stated, the leak indicates this means ‘truly’ wireless earbuds where each earpiece is independent of the other.

Though earbuds may not be the best option for tracking one’s activity throughout the entire day, they are a better way to access Alexa compared to a watch. The report claims these earbuds will be priced at under $100 and that they’ll work with iPhone and Android. The earbuds will likewise need to be connected to a phone in order to use Alexa.

In addition to the alleged earbuds, the report also claims that Amazon plans to introduce a new Echo model that will be ‘bulkier’ and offer improved sound quality compared to the original model. Amazon is expected to announce both of these alleged new models during its upcoming event in Seattle.

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