Amazon Alexa gets in-depth NFL knowledge for 2019 football season

Just ahead of the 2019 NFL football season comes an update from Amazon. The company has announced that its Alexa personal assistant has received a knowledge update revolving around the popular American sport, enabling it to offer users more 'comprehensive, in-depth' stats related to NFL teams and players, according to the company. The personal assistant can now also offer details about college and high school football.

The 2019 NFL football season officially starts on September 5. Starting today, however, Alexa users can ask the personal assistant for detailed information about league player stats and for data on individual NFL teams. Examples include things like how many games a particular player has participated in and how many games a particular team has won or lost.

As well, users can now also ask Alexa for fantasy football scores. The enhanced support covers high school football games, too, offering schedules and scores for these small teams across the United States. As well, Alexa can answer questions related to college football, covering things like team rank and game stats.

Alexa has also become a dedicated sportscaster, offering users insights on the current day's games using existing sports analytics and data. As a result, casual fans can, for example, ask Alexa which team she thinks will win the upcoming game to receive a data-based educated guess.

NFL fans who have an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription will be able to watch the NFL's Thursday Night Football games using supported devices starting on September 26, according to Amazon. Users who own an Alexa device can fire up the game by using the command, 'Alexa, play Thursday Night Football' or by requesting to watch the specific team's game.