Amazon Alexa finally gets Spanish language support in the US

Brittany A. Roston - Oct 11, 2019, 1:58 pm CDT
Amazon Alexa finally gets Spanish language support in the US

Amazon Alexa users located in the United States can now speak with the personal assistant in Spanish, the company has announced. The support has arrived for Alexa on Echo products and other devices that have the assistant built-in. Thanks to this support, developers now have the option of creating Alexa skills designed for Spanish-speaking users.

The United States is home to millions of Spanish speakers; despite that, users in the country haven’t been able to speak with Amazon’s Alexa personal assistant in Spanish until now. Competing products Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri both already support Spanish.

Thin changed today with the arrival of Spanish on Amazon’s line of Echo devices and other Alexa Built-in Products. The language support must be enabled within the Alexa mobile app. Users have the choice of turning on Multi-lingual mode, which enables users in the US to talk to Alexa in both English and Spanish and to get responses back in the same language used for the query.

The company has rolled out an entirely new Spanish voice for the assistant. A number of brands are offering skills with support for Spanish, including Telemundo and Univision. As of today, Amazon says users of its music service in the US can now also ask Alexa to play new Latin music playlists, examples of which include ‘Sin Filtro,’ ‘Puro Reggaeton,’ and ‘Tierra Tropical.’

In the future, Amazon will expand Alexa’s Multi-lingual feature to India with support for Indian English and Hindi, as well as to Canada with support for Canadian English and French.

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