Amazon adds 20,000 Traditional Chinese language books on Kindle

Brittany A. Roston - May 25, 2019, 6:15am CDT
Amazon adds 20,000 Traditional Chinese language books on Kindle

Amazon has announced the launch of support for Traditional Chinese language books on Kindle. The collection includes more than 20,000 books in Traditional Chinese available across the Kindle platform, including on the Kindle mobile apps, Kindle Fire, and Kindle eReader devices. The selection includes translated bestsellers and works from popular authors like Liu Cixin and Qiong Yao.

Amazon revealed the new collection on Thursday, stating that authors can now also publish their own Kindle books in Traditional Chinese through its Kindle Direct Publishing platform. The company says it designed multiple features specifically for reading the Traditional Chinese text in horizontal orientation.

Readers are given multiple custom font options and support for searching in Traditional Chinese directly from the Kindle app or device. If desired, users can set their Kindle menu options to display in Traditional Chinese. Existing Kindle features, including the ability to customize margins and text size, download samples, and use Whispersync are also supported.

The Traditional Chinese book collection can be found here. Talking about the new support is Amazon’s Vice President of Books David Naggar, who said:

Bringing Traditional Chinese language books to Kindle is a step forward on our journey to provide more choice and selection to readers around the world. Our launch today makes 20,000 titles instantly available to the tens of millions of Traditional Chinese readers.

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