Amazing storage density achieved by Western Digital

James Allan Brady - Oct 18, 2007, 9:10am CDT

They were able to hit 520GB per square inch, which means I now want a freaking hard drive that holds that much data that’s not much bigger than a square inch. Yeah sure, they’ll probably use the technology to crank out hard drives somewhere in the multi-terabyte range, but I think it would be awesome to have a thumb drive that could hold 520GB.

I guess this is just proof that telling someone they can’t do something is just more motivation to do just that, since Hitachi just said earlier this week that the Tunneling Magneto-Resistive head used wouldn’t be able to do just what WD has accomplished. Of course Hitachi was saying that as they announced their new CPP-GMR read/write head tech.

WD is stating projections of 2010 before you will see a 3TB+ drive using this technology, due to the rate of growth for HDDs right now. But who knows when you could start seeing this technology, maybe considerably sooner.

WD claims highest hard drive density crown [via reghardware]

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