AlwaysOn Notebook Cases keep your laptop covered

Keeping your notebook safe is always a priority when traveling. However, finding the right case can be a slightly daunting task, especially if you're not sure of what to look for. But the AlwaysOn Notebook Case makes for a great option.

This latest offering from SOLO is a neoprene sleeve for your laptop that stays attached at all times. This means no fussing with the sleeve when putting your notebook away or fiddling with it to get it out. The rear vent helps hot air flowing outward, though there is somewhat of a concern regarding how this could cause laptops to overheat.

Available in 15.4-inch and 17-inch sizes, this case is also checkpoint-friendly, meaning you can go through CheackFast x-ray screening at airports without a problem. You can get a SOLO AlwaysOn CheckFast Sleeves on November 7th for $25.