AluRunner high tech sled folds away for convenient transportation

James Allan Brady - Nov 27, 2007

Ever wish, when you were a kid, that you had a sled to go down the hill on that was designed more like a very high end sports car? Well, it might be a little late, and furthermore, it might be a bit more than a kid’s budget could afford, but its here.

This sled is mad from 6061 aluminum that’s buckle resistant (it’s the same stuff they make some pretty high end bike frames out of) and a transparent polycarbonate seat (that’s the same stuff used for crash helmets). Furthermore, there is a shock, ala a car, that sits underneath the seat, and its adjustable per the terrain and the weight of the rider.

There is also a hand-brake that drops a claw down to slow you down, and its been engineered to be placed in a location where you wont flip, and it wont change your direction, IE spin you around. On top of all that, it all folds down flat, well, down to six and a third inches flat, and packs away into a clear bag that looks at least somewhat waterproof to keep the snow out of your vehicle.

Even the runners were engineered to give you the best, fastest, and smoothest ride, but if that’s still not enough, you can wax the runners, me, myself, and I, there is no way I’d go that far, I get enough speed going down a hill on a cheap sled, I’d die on this one. Now for the one downside, it’ll cost you $640 to get one.

The First Fold-Away High-Tech Sledge with Shock Absorber: Ho Ho! [via BornRich]

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