Altoids Tin Becomes DIY Miniature BBQ

Part of the fun of doing something yourself is the fact that, sometimes, you get to use things that you might not normally think about using. Doing it yourself means, sometimes, more than anything else, that you get to tinker while you create. And thanks to Instructables, you can now safely say that you can put together something awesome from a very simple thing: an Altoids tin.

And let's face it. When you're creating something from random pieces lying around you, you've got the theme song to MacGuyver playing in the back of your head, don't you? It's hard to escape, really, especially when you've got something like this laying in front of you. If you've got an Altoids tin next to you, two computer fan guards, and a toolbox (with tools), you can actually create a working mini-BBQ. And, apparently this little thing can actually cook a hamburger patty, and a hot dog, as long as they're trimmed down to fit onto the BBQ.

We're not sure that you'll actually eat anything that small for a meal, but if you've got plenty of mini-hot dogs in your refrigerator, just waiting to be cooked, this might be the perfect way to get that done. And considering the whole thing's powered by a standard-sized briquette, there's no reason not to give this a shot, right? Cue that MacGuyver music, folks.

[via GearLog]