Alpha Wolf EV pickup can go up to 275 miles per charge

Not long ago, we talked about an electric vehicle startup called Alpha and the cool-looking JAX CUV that the company unveiled. Alpha is back with another electric vehicle, this time a small pickup called the Wolf. Like the JAX, the Wolf is a very attractive vehicle that promises between 250 and 275 miles of driving range per charge.

Wolf buyers will be able to choose a dual-motor four-wheel-drive or single-motor front-wheel-drive version of the vehicle. The truck can reach 60 mph in 6.2 seconds and has a towing capacity of 3000 pounds. Alpha fits the vehicle with a rapid charger for its battery pack along with a battery cooler and heater. The small pickup measures 188-inches long, 76-inches wide, and 66-inches high. The truck bed is 65-inches in length, and 59-inches in width, while being 16-inches deep.

The dimensions make a very compact pickup that reminds quite a lot of a classic Chevy Luv pickup from the 70s. The vehicle has LED lighting all around and is only a two-passenger vehicle meaning no rear seat. It's able to haul 34.5 cubic feet of cargo and has a digital display for the driver. It also features a wide format center display and premium seat trim and materials, Bluetooth connectivity, and premium sound availability.

The Wolf starts at $36,000 and goes up to $46,000. Presumably, the price difference depends on if you picked the front-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive versions and battery pack capacity. Alpha is taking reservations for the Wolf truck now.

The company reminds that its vehicles will be eligible for the $7500 federal EV tax credit and other state EV tax incentives. This is one of the best-looking little electric pickups we've seen, and its reasonable price should make it popular with people who can survive with a two-seater.