Almond 3 WiFi router controls your network and smart home

Shane McGlaun - Jan 7, 2016, 5:00 am CST
Almond 3 WiFi router controls your network and smart home

Securifi has unveiled the latest router in its Almond touchscreen wireless router family and it is called the Almond 3. The router is a smart home hub and a traditional WiFi router in one device. It supports Gigabit WiFi, has an integrated ZigBee radio, supports Z-Wave, and Bluetooth devices. It also has an integrated programmable siren for home security.

Almond 3 was unveiled at CES 2016 this week and is designed to be the main hub for all sorts of smart home products. Almond 3 claims to be four times faster than the Almond 2015 model and can act as a router or range extender.

The new software inside Almond 3 allows users to create a mesh network using multiple Almond routers to distribute network connectivity across a larger area. The integrated siren can be controlled by WiFi triggers to arm and disarm the system when authorized smartphones connect or disconnect from the router.

It can also control wireless door, window, and motion sensors and the siren can be used as a doorbell. Almond 3 integrates with Nest, Philips Hue, and other smart devices that are already on the market. Securifi will also be updating the Almond 2015 and Almond + routers to enable mesh networking. The Almond 3 router will retail for $119 with it and the mesh networking update launching in the coming months.

SOURCE: Securifi

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