Alleged new Moto X leaked with front fingerprint button

Remember Motorola? Yes the company that made the popular RAZR flip phone, got bought by Google, and then got sold off to Lenovo. Considering that sale, the company has been relatively low-key lately, after launching the Moto X Style and friends last year. Of course, we've seen Lenovo design engineer Ashton Kutcher advertising the smartphone just recently. And perhaps Lenovo will need to advertise the next Moto X to death if it will indeed resemble the newest leak that is already earning scathing remarks over the Internet.

Motorola is perhaps not exactly known for the exquisite design of its phones, save for that iconic RAZR. Functional but almost bland, Motorola's smartphones leaned more on features and usability than fancy design. The latest Moto X and the Motorola made Nexus 6 might have changed that formula a bit, but in sometimes odd ways.

Lenovo said it would be letting Motorola handle its smartphone designs and R&D. This leak might prove otherwise. A snapshot of what is a yet unnamed Motorola smartphone has been released for public scrutiny and scrutiny it did gather in spades. Some have compared it to the Moto X Force with one notable and noticeable exception. It has a home button on the front, which according to the tip houses a fingerprint scanner.

That's not exactly a shocking new design, as Samsung and Apple would tell anyone willing to listen. For Motorola, however, especially for its fans, it's a huge step down. Motorola's smartphones, for all their spartan designs, showed clean, button-less faces. Perhaps thanks to its earlier relationship with Google, Motorola adopted the on-screen navigation that Google so loves.

It's, of course, too early to pass judgment based on a single unverified photo. The design could very well have changed a long time ago. I might not even be a Moto smarrtphone at all. If other rumors are true, we might get the answer when a new Moto X is announced in July.

SOURCE: +hellomotoHK