All WotLK instances will have option for 10 or 15-main raids

We're all waiting to hear more news concerning the latest expansion for World of Warcraft. There hasn't exactly been a plethora of information surrounding Wrath of the Lich King, however, the guys over at GameSpy invaded Blizzard and demanded the scoop. Apparently their demands were met.

Somehow I doubt that's how it went down, but either way, they did get a ton of new info. One of my favorite changes for the upcoming expansion is how they are handling instances. My guild still isn't up for 25 man raids, though we're working on it. For now we're sticking to just the 10-man runs, which means there is plenty of content out there we're missing. However, once WotLK comes out, that's all going to change.

First, there aren't going to be attunements for any of the raid instances, freeing up more time to actually run them. However, what's awesome is that all raid dungeons will have 10-man and 25-man versions. This means that any guild that runs 10-mans should be able to take on any instance in the new expansion. Of course the loot for 25-man raids will be a tier higher to compensate, which gives people a reason to work for it, but the drops for 10-man raids will be plenty worth it.

[via GameSpy]