All Galaxy S22 models to get Exynos 2200 and Snapdragon 898 variants

JC Torres - Oct 24, 2021, 10:37pm CDT
All Galaxy S22 models to get Exynos 2200 and Snapdragon 898 variants

Samsung is expected to soon announce what could be the biggest upgrade to its Exynos chips in years. The partnership it started with AMD a few years back is anticipated to level up the silicon’s graphics game, utilizing AMD’s rDNA technology for the benefit of mobile users. There has been some uncertainty, however, about which devices will be betting this Exynos 2200, especially with the ongoing chip shortage. The latest word gives a small amount of relief to would-be Galaxy S22 buyers, but the actual availability of this chip might still be in question.

Given recent controversies surrounding Samsung’s Exynos silicon, the arrival of the AMD-powered Exynos 2200 is naturally hoped to bring some much-needed salvation for the business. Early benchmarks look promising, at least under certain contexts and conditions, and the entry of graphics technology from AMD could spark a new area for competition among mobile chipset makers. Whether the Exynos 2200 lives up to expectation is, of course, a completely different question, but many are waiting with bated breath for what’s coming.

Unfortunately, present economic conditions might put a damper on that enthusiasm. Initially, there were doubts that Samsung would even put the Exynos 2200 inside its next smartphone flagship, reserving it for tablets or an ARM-powered Windows laptop. Eventually, rumors evolved to expect limited availability of Exynos-powered Galaxy S22 phones, probably exclusive to the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Android Police’s Max Weinbach, however, gives a bit more hope by “confirming” that it will be available for all variants of the phone. The Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+ (or Pro), and Galaxy S22 Ultra will get both Exynos 2200 and Snapdragon 898 versions, which, of course, still depend on the market.

Unfortunately, that latter might mean that those in the US won’t be seeing the graphics upgrade that the Exynos 2200 will promise. Buyers in the US have only been able to get Snapdragon-powered devices from Samsung, while European markets once had to contend with weaker Exynos chips only. It seems that tables will be turned and those in the US will feel short-changed when the Galaxy S22 arrives.

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