Aliph offers new Jawbones at Best Buy

If you've been holding out on getting a Jawbone headset because of the lack of color options, you're in luck. Two new shades have just popped up and are available exclusively at Best Buy Mobile.  

The two new color offerings include Babbling Blue and Rambling Rose, which are a light blue and a pink-ish color, respectively. Both are available now from Best Buy Mobile for $139.99. Yeah, there's no difference between these and the other Jawbone headsets that are available.

Other colors in the Jawbone family include Silver Tongue, Goldy Lips, and Blah Blah Black. Who knew you could get away with naming something "blah blah." But anyway, Aliph now has all of your bases covered so you can sport a headset that matches your personal sense of style.

[via Engadget]