Alienware M11x may get NVIDIA Optimus and new Intel CPUs this summer

We got our hands on the cool and smallish Alienware M11x late last month and had some fun playing with the machine in our review of the little rig. If you were intrigued by the smallest Alienware machine around and are thinking about ordering one up for yourself, you might want to put that off until the summer.

A rumor is going around that the M11x might be getting some even better tech this summer. According to Engadget, the M11x is set to get an NVIDIA Optimus update and new Intel CPUs. Optimus tech would mean the rig will have both integrated and discrete GPUs.

That little gem will help the machines battery life and give gamer's better graphics. The new Intel Core 2010 line of CPUs will also land in the rig now that the shortage is said to be over. These two new features should make for an all around better machine. This is still an unconfirmed rumor at this point, but both of these upgrades would certainly make sense.