Alexa-enabled Big Mouth Billy Bass is up for pre-order

Eric Abent - Nov 28, 2018, 12:07pm CST
Alexa-enabled Big Mouth Billy Bass is up for pre-order

Most of us were fed up with Big Mouth Billy Bass by the time the year 2000 rolled around, but if you somehow have fond memories of the animatronic fish, then boy does Amazon have the product for you. As announced last year, Amazon has been working on an Alexa-enabled Big Mouth Billy Bass, and now it’s almost ready to annoy an entirely new generation. The product is going up for pre-order today, just in time for the holidays.

In fairness to Amazon, this version of the Big Mouth Billy Bass is quite a bit more capable than the version that seemed inescapable in the late 1990s. While the whole shtick of a seemingly mounted game fish suddenly coming to life is still at the center of this new Big Mouth Billy Bass, but this time around, it can do more than sing the same two songs over and over again.

By pairing it with Alexa, you can have Big Mouth Billy Bass answer your queries or alert you to things like timers and notifications. It’ll lip sync along with Alexa’s responses, and you can even make it sing along with any song from Amazon Music.

For those nostalgic for a more kitschy time now passed, Big Mouth Billy Bass even ships with an original song, so you can relive some of those wonderful memories from 1999. The device connects to any speaker in the Echo family, and it’s powered by either batteries or the included power adapter.

So, this is a case of what you see being what you get: the Big Mouth Billy Bass is essentially just a fish-shaped vehicle to deliver Alexa responses and play music. If that sounds like something you want to own, you can pre-order it today from Amazon for $39.99. It’ll begin shipping out on December 1, 2018, so you’ll have this in time to gift it to some poor, unfortunate soul on Christmas Day.

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