Alert Me home security system is completely wireless

James Allan Brady - Jan 28, 2008

This security system is freaking awesome, it has motion sensors, RFID/Wireless key fobs, alarm detectors, wireless signal boosting lamps, door/window opening sensors, and The Button. The key fobs have RFID built in so you know who is home and when they got there (great way to monitor your rebellious kids or cheating spouse, lol) and they also have a button on them that turns the security system on or off.

The motion sensor does exactly what it says, it detects motion, and alerts you of it if the security system is on, the lamp has multiple colors to show you the status of your home from a distance and also boosts wireless signal range. The Button can be used for just about anything including a panic button, its whatever you set it up as.

The alarm detector can hear other alarms such as fire, carbon monoxide, or freezer alarms and communicate the fact that they are going off to The Hub, and the door/window sensors look to be standard magnetic sensors that go off when separated. The Hub can wirelessly communicate with all of those things, and can also email you or even text message you on your phone if something is going on, and you can handle what happens next from afar, or you can have the system call one of your friends or neighbors and let them take care of it.

In the kit you get 3 key fobs, 2 motion sensors, 3 door/window sensors, 1 lamp, 1 The Button, 2 alarm detectors, and one The Hub. The Hub requires an Ethernet and power cable, and the Lamp requires a power cable, but everything else is run on battery power and wirelessly. The kit costs £399, and then the service per month costs you £11.75, but that gets you 24/7 monitoring and alerts, a SIM card for backup communications, automatic software updates, battery replacement alerts, and customer support.

[via shinyshiny]

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