Alarm Clock will wake you up with multi-sensory experience

There are all sorts of alarm clocks out there meant to wake you up with loud buzzers or what have you, but never have I seen one that interacts with other devices to thoroughly ensure you get out of bed. The Room Tech Beingz Alarm Clock makes all the sounds but the Mood Lamp (on the right) will also get involved if you fail to get up.

It works like this. When the alarm goes off, the little guy lights up its feet, opens its jaw and sends out a bunch of noises. It also beats its arms on the table.

If you still haven't arisen, the alarm clock will send a signal to the Mood Lamp, which will then light up to its full brightness. So, you have a stomping, chirping alarm clock and a bright lamp trying to awake you from slumber. Plus, the clock and lamp themselves are pretty interesting looking. You can get the pair for $80.

[via OhGizmo!]