Alamo’s special It screening requires all attendees to dress as clowns

Brittany A. Roston - Aug 24, 2017, 7:24 pm CST
Alamo’s special It screening requires all attendees to dress as clowns

Alamo Drafthouse has a special screening of the latest It installment, a movie based on the Stephen King novel featuring an evil clown. Anyone is welcomed to attend the screening, assuming they have a ticket and they meet one simple requirement: they must be a clown. That is, they must show up and watch the movie while dressed like a clown. The special screening will include a pre-party.

Alamo Drafthouse announced the screening on its website, explaining that everyone attending a particular screening in Austin on September 9 should arrive in full clown costume. Though the movie doesn’t start until later in the evening, attendees are told to arrive starting at 5:30PM for a ‘pre-party’ that will include ‘terrifying merriment,’ plus face painting, prize raffles, photo booths, and more.

Alamo suggests that your clown costume be on the scary side, which is expected considering this is a ‘Rated R’ movie featuring a terrifying supernatural clown. If you show up dressed exactly like Pennywise, though, prepare to be embarrassed about dressing the same as everyone else. Don’t worry if your face-painting skills are rusty, people will be present ahead of time to give you a touch-up.

It arrives in theaters on September 8, so you’ll have to miss out on the initial screening day, though the sacrifice in small. If you’re not in Austin for the special screening, we don’t see any good reason why you can’t show up dressed like a clown anyway. The movie will be premiering in theaters across the nation (and world).

SOURCE: Alamo Drafthouse

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