Alamo Drafthouse bans Google Glass

The cinema chair Alamo Drafthouse, never one to tolerate errant technology use in the theater, has taken the first step for officially cracking down on Google Glass's presence during movies. From now on, Glass will have to be removed before the movie starts.

The information comes from Alamo Drafthouse's founder himself, Tim League, who fired off a tweet earlier today announcing, "Google Glass is officially banned from @drafthouse auditoriums once lights dim for trailers."

Meaning, of course, the Google wearable isn't banned from being on theater grounds, only that — as with cell phones — you can't have it pointing at the movie screen when the film starts rolling. League followed up his tweets a bit later with a clarification.

According to the theater's founder, this is a "policy only about piracy concerns." He clarified that on a personal level, he'd also suggest turning off one's various distractions when the movie is playing. As he pointed out, video cameras have always been banned inside the theater.

Google Glass would make filming a movie far easier than using, for example, a smartphone, given its head-mounted and subtle nature. Still, the change isn't of a zero-tolerance nature. When asked about those who have Glass on needed prescription lenses, League said, "It will be case by case, but if it is clear when they are on, clear when they are off, will likely be OK."