AirPop washable masks come with replaceable snap-in filters

Face masks have become a rather controversial subject in the past months but even those who find value in their use don't always find it easy to breathe while wearing them. That's even more problematic when it comes to wearing protective masks while working out, forcing people to choose between health and safety. AirPop, which boasts of being the world's first "Air Wearables" company, is aiming to fix that problem with a new line of reusable and washable masks that not only filter out harmful substances in the air, they also promise breathability even during intense physical activities.

Face masks are designed to keep dust, pollution, some bacteria, and harmful gases out of your mouth and nose but not all of them are designed to facilitate proper breathing. AirPop says that its patented 3D Air Dome design solves that by creating an almost literal canopy of air that is not only clean but also well-circulated. The company also boasts of an Adaptive Soft Touch Seal on the top layer of the masks to create a perfect fit that can still be adjusted to accommodate unique face sizes and shapes.

AirPop's new masks come in two flavors, with the Original intended for everyday city life. The AirPop Active, on the other hand, is a bit more interesting because of its advertised use even while running or cycling. The secret is the "performance pores" that better channel airflow compared to typical masks.

You might think that those pores pretty much negate the masks' efficacy but that's where the snap-in filters come in. These replaceable filters, good for 40 hours of use, are promised to be able to block 99.97% of PM0.3 particulate matter, including dust, bacteria, and even viral matter.

The AirPop Original reusable and washable mask is now available in the US and Canada for $59.99 while the AirPop Active goes for $69.99. Both already come with four filters but you can also buy another 4-pack Filter Refill for $24.99.