AirPods Pro replacement Tips now available for purchase online

Many businesses have moved online these past months. That's true not only for working at home but also for getting goods and services ordered online and then delivers safely to your doorstep. There are some instances, however, when consumers are forced to still go through hoops and physically visit stores or outlets. Fortunately, getting replacements for broken or lost ear tips for the AirPods Pros will no longer require you to risk your health and your life.

Apple does ship a variety of earbud tips inside the box of the AirPods Pro but it's only one pair per tip size. The earbuds themselves have the medium-sized tips attached while small and large sizes are available separately inside. That might be OK for people whose ears can comfortably accommodate any and all sizes. If you not, you'd be out of luck and will need a replacement if even a single tip breaks.

Previously, getting a replacement is as simple as contacting an Apple customer support representative. It could be an easy interaction and you'll be able to get a replacement in no time flat. However, that usually also involves going to an Apple retail outlet to pick them up, something that is pretty much impossible since all of those have now closed due to COVID-19.

That may be the reason why Apple is finally selling tips online. The AirPods Pro Ear Tips is now available from the Apple Store for $7.99 with a promise of single-day delivery. That price is only for two pairs of the same size of tips so you'll have to make an upfront decision of which size to get.

Fortunately for buyers, tips don't require any firmware to use. Buyers of single replacements for AirPods buds aren't so lucky and are still waiting for Apple to push out a firmware update that will make those usable.