Aircell ATG 5000 high-speed in-flight internet system debuts

Last year the addition of internet connectivity on commercial flights boomed with all major US airlines offering internet connectivity on some flights. In-flight internet access is so mainstream now that it was featured on NCIS this week. Aircell is one of the major suppliers of hardware for internet in the sky and the company has unveiled its latest system.

The system is called the ATG 5000 and is capable of providing high-speed internet access for customers that don't need the integrated voice and narrowband data features that the Aircell Axxess offers. The new system is aimed more at private jets and turbo prop aircraft that serve regional airlines than the big commercial jets taking advantage of the Axxess system.

The system weighs only 11 pounds and uses two belly-mounted antennas that each weighs 1.25 pounds. An optional telecommunications router can be mounted inside the cabin that weighs 4 pounds. Inside the aircraft, the connectivity can be accessed by passengers using wired or wireless connections. The connectivity speed offered by the system is up to 56 times faster than dial up.