Airbnb just made booking easier for business travelers

If you travel for business, staying in an Airbnb is a great way to enjoy the comforts of home, but getting that room booked can be a little tricky. Until now, you'd have to book the room yourself with a company card or go through the extra hassle of getting reimbursed. To ease all that is a newly introduced option called Business Travel Booking; with it, someone in a company, such as a manager, can book an Airbnb rental for other people in the company.

With Business Travel Booking, travel managers can book Airbnb rentals for a company's various traveling employees, doing so with company information and company billing data. The person doing the traveling, then, will simply receive the address for their accommodation and be free to go. It also serves to make things more transparent for Airbnb hosts, making it clear who exactly is staying and for what purpose.

In addition to the new business booking option, the company detailed a couple other changes at OpenAir 2016 recently. One new addition is Collaborative Wish Lists, which allow users to plan trips and add other travelers onto the Wish List, letting them see possible destinations and vote on where they'd prefer to stay.

Finally, Airbnb has also added multi-party reviews, which allows a host to review all the guests who stayed in their rental rather than just the person who booked. The idea is that by doing so, other hosts will be able to see reviews for the traveler (who may not have booked any of their own accommodations), making them more inclined to rent to the person.