Airbnb acquires Russian design firm Lapka

For reasons no one is certain of, Airbnb has acquired a small Russian design firm called Lapka. The Russian company announced the acquisition on its website recently. The studio tasks itself with creating "the most beautiful science ever," according to its website, including "tools for self-care and mind harmony." One example of Lapka's work is a stylish breathalyzer someone can wear around their neck.

Lapka expressed excitement in a long statement recently, saying the company didn't concern itself with focusing on a specific service or device,but rather on "Creating an adaptable lifestyle brand" that allows individuals to re-experience certain things. The studio ultimately describes itself as a "lifestyle brand."

The company is entirely cryptic when it comes to what it'll be doing for Airbnb, saying only this:

Both companies share an extreme passion for design, beauty and meaningful, cinematic experiences. What we're capable of building together is beyond explanation, so let's leave that for later news. The future is long.

Lapka has created various small gadgets, including the PEM for measuring things like EMFs, radiation, and humidity. It seems likely, then, that Airbnb is going to task the team with creating some sort of attractive gadget, but seeing as to how hard it is to pin down what exactly Lapka does, it's anyone's guess about what that teased future holds. The talent may be tasked solely with design.

The Russian company is shutting down its own operations.