Aigo MID - looks good and performs well

It's a basic mobile Internet device. It has a rubberized bottoms, touchscreen, and slide out full keyboard, a very simple user interface, and a stylus. On the back is the battery and a 3MP camera for taking photos.

There is also a camera on the front that you can use for video conferencing. There is a microphone jack, and antenna jack, dedicated camera button, headphone jack, USB host port, microSD card slot, and mini USB port.

It can play videos; do navigation, which means it will likely have GPS built in. For a size reference, the screen alone is slightly larger than the entire iPhone. It has WiFi and will have a 3G internet connection. It uses Mozilla for the web browser. That's pretty much it for info on this device right now, the version shown was a pre-production version so they'll probably add and/or subtract features from it as they go.

[via UMPCPortal]