Agloves Lets You Use Capacitive Touchscreens In The Cold

Today, people love to manipulate their devices with a touchscreen. Whether it's a tablet, or even a PC, people want to be able to touch something to make it happen. It's even more apparent with cell phones, as almost every phone out there incorporates a touchscreen. But, as we get into the colder months, it's going to become increasingly difficult for some people in some locations to use their capacitive touchscreen mobile phones outside. Not for long, as the Agloves are here to save the day.

Sure, there are other gloves out there that will let you work with a capacitive touchscreen display, but it's the Agloves that were created using the best scientific research to create a whole new type of glove. The gloves feature a silver yarn that's knitted into the entirety of the gloves. The result, is that the gloves offer up ten-finger control, so that you can use all of your fingers to interact with your device. So, that full-screen keyboard on the iPad is still usable.

Thanks to the silver yarn, the Agloves will be able to keep your fingers and hands warm, despite their lightweight nature. And, thankfully, the gloves are designed to be unisex, so all the guys out there won't look like they're wearing a woman's accessory to work on their phone. What's better, though, is that the Agloves are available right now, and they only cost $17.99.

[via Gear Diary]