Age of Empires II: Forgotten Empires unofficial expansion released

Craig Lloyd - Dec 31, 2012
Age of Empires II: Forgotten Empires unofficial expansion released

Remember Age of Empires? Of course you do. It’s only regarded as one of the best strategy game series ever made. Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings released in 1999, which was over 13 years ago, but the fan base is still alive and well. And now, there’s an unofficial, fan-made expansion to the sequel, called Forgotten Empires, that brings more features to the classic game.

If you still play the Age of Empires sequel (and we can’t blame you), the expansion is available now for download at no cost. It introduces new campaigns, maps, units, and entire civilizations, like the Magyars, Incas, and Italians in order to offer more variety and different outcomes in the 13-year-old strategy game.

The expansion also adds support for resolutions up to 1920×1440, whereas Age of Empires II only supported resolutions up to a measly 1280×1024. In total, there are five new civilizations consisting of the Italians, Incas, Indians, Slavs, and Magyars. There also tons of bugfixes that come with the expansion as well, most particularly dealing with Windows 7 compatibility.

Lastly, there are tons of new units and buildings, such as Siege Towers, Imperial Camels, Slingers, Boyars, Elephant Archers, Stables (for Americans), Fire Towers, Palisade Gates, Trade Workshops, and Quimper Cathedrals. Other than that, there are added technologies that you can research, as well as a slew of balance changes.

[via Reddit]

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