AGDQ 2020 wraps up a record-setting speedrunning marathon

Games Done Quick has wrapped up another speedrunning marathon, and unsurprisingly, it's broken more fundraising records. Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 – the flagship event for GDQ – ended yesterday with a grand total of $3,135,900.56 raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. On top of that, GDQ has announced that it's also raised more than $25 million for charity across all of its events.

For those who aren't familiar with Games Done Quick, the organization hosts two week-long speedrunning marathons each year: Awesome Games Done Quick in the winter and Summer Games Done Quick in – you guessed it – the summer. Speedrunners from all over the world attend these events to show off their skills, with the events benefiting two different charities; AGDQ benefits the Prevent Cancer Foundation while SGDQ benefits Doctors Without Borders.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 is the second event to break $3 million in total donations, following SGDQ 2019. In the end, AGDQ 2020 raised almost $100,000 more than SGDQ 2019, so we could very well see this new record broken once SGDQ 2020 rolls around in June. Things look a lot more impressive when we compare the $3.13 million AGDQ 2020 raised to the $2.42 million AGDQ 2019 raised.

A look at the donation tracker tells us that AGDQ 2020 pulled in an average donation of $57.89 and a max donation of $356,306. That max donation total was almost certainly the funds brought in from bit donations and channel subscriptions throughout the week, which are typically tallied toward the end of the show.

As it normally does, Games Done Quick revealed the dates for SGDQ 2020 at the end of the event, though it took things one step further by revealing the dates for AGDQ 2021 as well. SGDQ 2020 will take place in Bloomington, Minnesota from June 21st to June 28th, while Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 will be happening from January 3rd to the 10th.