Aerospace consulting firm creates tsunami escape capsule

I've never really thought much about tsunamis until the last few years. The horrific tsunami that hit Japan after the earthquakes this year has many people all around the world scrambling to figure out a better way to protect people that live in areas where a tsunami is possible and to predict when the massive waves might occur. In some instances, even knowing that the tsunami is coming might not give people time to get to safety.

A small aerospace consulting firm founded by a couple former Boeing engineers called Mukilteo has unveiled a very interesting survival capsule for tsunamis. The capsule is designed to hold up to six people inside and could cost only about $1,000. Inside the capsule are seats around a central beam with shoulder harnesses to keep people in place. The capsule is a sphere that would float as the tidal waters pushed it along.

The only thing I wonder about in the design is if it would be able to withstand the force of repeated impacts with buildings and debris. The tsunami that hit Japan took buildings down in very short order and I could see a capsule like this being pummeled by heavy rubble. The designers say that the capsule would be able to protect for a couple hours until the waters resided. I bet it would be a rough ride inside the capsule. A heavier version with more strength might cost $5,000.

[via TechFlash]