Aeromobil flying car takes its maiden voyage

Flying cars are something that drivers and pilots alike have dreamed of for decades. A company called Terrafugia has been working on flying car concepts such as its cool vertical takeoff and landing TF-X and others for a long time. Another company has stepped into the flying car market with a prototype vehicle that has taken its maiden voyage. The company is called Aeromobil and the flying car was designed by Stefan Klein.

The version of the vehicle that took its maiden flight recently is Aeromobil version 2.5 and the designer has been developing the flying car for the last 20 years. The vehicle is very attractive with retracting wings and a unique tail section with the rear mounted propeller. The flying cars designed to be very lightweight and very streamlined.

Power comes from a 100 hp Rotax 912 watercooled engine mounted behind the seats. Drive shafts run from the engine to the propeller in the back and forward to the front wheels for driving on the ground. When driving on the ground the Aeromobil and has a pair of small wheels underneath the rear tail section.

The car reportedly weighs 980 pounds without fueling passengers. The small cockpit is designed to seat two people. The driver/pilot seat has two steering wheels with one mounted inside the other. The larger wheel is used for driving on the ground and the smaller wheel is used for flying the aircraft. The wingspan is 27 feet the aircraft is expected to have a top speed of 124 mph in the air and a range of 430 miles. The vehicle is also able to use standard unleaded gasoline available at any gas station.

SOURCE: Gizmag