Aereo must get ruling to operate as cable company

Ill-fated Aereo has lost its latest appeal and must get a judge to rule that it can operate like a traditional cable company, reports Bloomberg. The decision was made by the US Court of Appeals in New York yesterday, and is the latest blow to the company.

Losing its battle in court with the recent Supreme Court ruling, Aereo said earlier this month that it was "figuratively bleeding to death," and as a result it needed to operate like a cable company. The company filed its request for a license, and was denied.

That decision lead to an appeal, which has now been red stamped, forcing the Aereo to get a judge to decide whether it is allowed to proceed in operating like a cable company. In order to get the approval, Aereo will have to prove that its has a qualifying status.

If Aereo does get approval to operate as a cable company, it may come too late. The company has been falling fast since the Supreme Court's blow this summer, and previously said that unless it can "resume operations in the immediate future, the company will likely not survive."

SOURCE: Bloomberg