ADT Pulse mixes security and home automation

Shane McGlaun - Oct 5, 2010, 5:31am CDT
ADT Pulse mixes security and home automation

You can drive through just about any neighborhood in the country and run across the blue ADT signs showing that homes are protected with security systems. ADT has announced a new system called the Pulse that is an interactive smart home solution. The system allows the user to control some of their functions within their home.

The device interfaces with other home security system and will allow the homeowner to access the system and information about their home from a computer or smartphone like the iPhone. The iPhone app allows the user to arm and disarm the security system, get alarm notifications and notification of other events via email or text.

If the home has security cameras, the app will allow the user to view live feeds from the cameras and watch stored video clips as well. The lights in the home can be accessed to turn them on or off as well as appliances. The thermostat can be controlled as well to allow the user to save money when away from home. Pulse uses Z-Wave standard for interacting with other home automation modules.

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