Adron introduces 160GB flash HDD

I'm sure that plenty of you Windows users out there have made the switch to Vista by now. But what you likely haven't done is take advantage of the ReadyDrive feature.

There's a good reason why mostly people haven't used this feature, and that is because it requires a flash HDD, and there aren't many of these on the market. Adtron has announced a 160GB flash disk that will likely work well with ReadyDrive. However, we can only speculate at the costs associated with this type of drive. I would guess somewhere around $2,500 for one.

If you really want to take advantage of the boost in speed that you'll get from ReadyDrive, you're probably better off buying a smaller flash drive and just putting Windows and a couple of the programs that you use the most on it. Then just buy a regular HDD for everything else.

Adtron Introduces Solid State Flash Disk Capacity Increases [via press release]