Adobe working on Lightroom app for iOS, can edit RAW images

Adobe is planning to release a professional-level photo-editing app for iOS that will be similar to the company's Lightroom editing software. Adobe plans to add the ability for the app to sync with Lightroom so that users could edit photos on their iOS devices and send them back to their computer for finalization.

Adobe's group product manager for Lightroom, Tom Hogarty, demonstrated an early prototype of the app on The Grid, which is an online web show hosted by photography guru Scott Kelby. Hogarty goes through some of the features of the app, including adjusting the temperature of a photo, as well as edit RAW files right in the app.

Lightroom iOS demo starts at 18:09:

The app will be constantly synced through the cloud, so while you make edits on your iOS device, the changes will appear on the file on your computer in Lightroom. You can edit certain things like exposure, clarity, shadows, highlights, and white balance, as well as zoom in to 100% for fine detail work on an image.

Of course, the app isn't a full-fledged version of Lightroom, so you won't be able to do any of the more advanced stuff, but it still looks like a decent way for photographers to edit their images on the go using something more advanced than iPhoto. Adobe hasn't named the app yet, but it could be an extension of Lightroom, such as Lightroom Mobile or something along those lines.

[via CNET]