Adobe Spark is a free, super simple way to make attractive things

Adobe has a new product aimed at the everyday user who needs something simple and wants something attractive: Adobe Spark. Part of Creative Cloud, Adobe Spark is a web app that works with a trio of Spark iOS apps for creating "social posts and graphics," says the company, as well as animated stories and "web stories." The service is free for anyone to use.

Adobe Spark can be accessed here; you'll need to log in with either Facebook or Google, after which point you'll be presented with the three options below:

Click one, and you'll be take be taken to a what-you-see-is-what-you-get interface where each step is presented in obvious, very simple ways. If you're creating a page, for example, the first thing you'll be prompted to do is choose a title. After that, add a phone. You can choose from Dropbox, Lightroom, Google photos, Creative Cloud, or by searching.

Scroll down and you'll get to add an element — text, a video, a link, slideshow, photo grid, etc. Exciting, right? Spark really is very simple to use, and after a few minutes, I had an attractive web page that required exactly zero knowledge to make; just point and click and boom, you have something after you do that a few times.

Adobe says it has partnered with to help create training materials, as well as Facebook Blueprint, an educational program for advertisers and agencies.