Adobe Responds To Windows 8 Not Supporting Flash

Microsoft's Windows 8 Metro UI tablet interface will not support plugins, meaning that much like the route Apple has taken, Microsoft is also choosing HTML 5 over Adobe's Flash. But that doesn't seal the coffin yet on Adobe, as the company responds and assures that Flash will find its way to all platforms and will remain the best tool for creating the richest experiences for users.

Adobe's platform general manager, Danny Winokur, posted an official response on the Adobe Blog addressing concerns regarding Flash support in Windows 8's Metro UI. Winokur reminds that Flash will still be supported in the Windows 8 desktop interface, just not in the touch-friendly Metro tablet interface.

"We expect Windows desktop to be extremely popular for years to come (including Windows 8 desktop) and that it will support Flash just fine, including rich web based games and premium videos that require Flash," said Winokur.

He also points out that Flash-based apps can still be delivered to the Metro version of Windows 8 via Adobe AIR, much like how they are currently deployed on Android, iOS, and the BlackBerry tablet OS.

However, it does seem like Adobe will have to do some transitioning to adapt more HTML 5 into its repertoire. Winokur says that the company is now more focused on providing the tools to enable publishers and developers to deliver the richest user experiences regardless of the technology behind it, be it HTML 5 or Flash. Adobe also looks forward to working with Microsoft, Google, Apple and others in the HTML community to further develop HTML 5 for delivering rich content.