Adobe Photoshop and Fresco on the iPad now come bundled together

For years now, the iPad and especially the iPad Pro has become a creativity tool despite earlier limitations on hardware. Ironically, one of the biggest names in that industry has been a bit slow to jump on that train and capitalize on the passion of digital artists. Adobe has been quickly making up for lost time and money and is now making a small but meaningful change by making both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fresco on the iPad available in a single bundle for a cheaper price.

Adobe did have a Photoshop app on mobile, both iOS and Android, but these simpler apps were a far cry from the power that Photoshop was known for. Late last year, Adobe finally delivered what users have been clamoring for in making a more powerful Photoshop available for iPads. It's not exactly like on the desktop, of course, but it's definitely a start.

And then came Adobe Fresco, an app that was designed specifically with the iPad Pro in mind. It's not Photoshop by a longshot but offers a new way of creating art on a digital device that feels almost complementary to Adobe's premier digital art product.

The two are perfect for each other, Adobe is now saying, which is why they are finally bringing them together. Not a single app, mind, but a single bundle so that you won't have to buy each separately. Apart, Photoshop and Fresco cost $10 each for a total of $20. Now both together just cost $10.

This bundled offer is being made available for all those who have bought Photoshop on the iPad already or those who are upgrading Fresco to premium. Creative Cloud subscribers are not going to be left out and even early adopters are invited to the art party as well.