Adobe Lightroom 2.0 for Android adds an in-app camera

Last spring, Adobe rolled out an update to the company's Lightroom app for Android phones. Among other things, the update brought about the ability to edit images in RAW. Unfortunately, the ability to edit raw photos doesn't help you much, if you're not actually shooting them that way. But the latest update to the app will help with that.

The new app has enough new features that Adobe is calling it Lightroom 2.0. The biggest feature is a new in-app camera. The camera has the ability to shoot in DNG raw format, which will help you get the most out of your photos, when editing them in Lightroom. Of course, you can always just use your preferred camera app to shoot in a raw format, and still edit them in Lightroom.

The other big news about Lightroom's camera app is the inclusion of "shoot-through presets." These are a series of built-in presets that you can shoot with, that provides a non-destructive way to edit your pictures. I assume this means that the presets can be stripped away later, if you decide that you didn't want them added, after all.

Some other new features in the app include a dehaze tool, to adjust haze and fog, and split toning enhancement. You can use the split toning tool to add a color cast to highlights and shadows of an image. You can find the full list of the new updates on the official Adobe blog here.