Adidas Go for iOS pairs Spotify music with workout's pace

If you're an Adidas user and an iPhone user and a Spotify user, there's a new app that's right up your alley...assuming you also enjoy working out. It's called Adidas Go, and it is now available in the App Store (as of yesterday). With it, those who exercise with their iPhone on their person can listen to music through Spotify that is automatically matched with the workout's pace. Those who don't have a Spotify Premium account needn't worry, however, as it'll still work without it.

Adidas Go is an iOS app that looks at your Spotify listening habits and learns as you use it to select music for your workout, and it makes sure the music it selects is also matched with the pace of your workout. So if you're running slowly, for example, you'll get a slower song than you'd get if you're running at full speed.

The app will likewise calculate the number of steps taken in real time, and it'll replay the workout after the session ends to show related stats on the run. The app allows songs that were enjoyed during the workout to be saved to Spotify for later listening sessions.

There are sharing features for sharing workout data to social networks. Those who don't have a Spotify Premium account can still use the app, however, by connecting a free Spotify account or by using a local music library instead of the online service.

SOURCE: Engadget