Addonics outs CF Drive with six CF card slots

If you have a bunch of Compact Flash of CF cards lying around and you want to use them to make your own speedy SSD storage device Addonics has your device. The company has a new 5.25" drive bay CF/CFast drive adapter that slips into one of your unused optical drive bays and turns those CF cards into fast storage.

The device can support up to six different CF cards and they can all be configured as six separate storage devices or they can be combined into one single RAID group with a large capacity for storage. The user can also set any one of the CF cards (on some models) to be an internal storage drive that can't be accessed from the outside thanks to a little cover.

The device has its own power cable that runs from behind the drive and plugs into the inside of the computer for power and it also has six different SATA cables attached to connected to headers on the mainboard. The CF version sells for $135, the CF version with RAID+1 and an internal CF slot sells for $199. The CFast offerings are the same price with the same features.