Add-on for Xbox 360 outsells standalone HD-DVD players

We haven't had any good news on the battle for the next great disk format in a while, so here's your fix. The HD-DVD drive for the Xbox 360 has sold more units than standalone players.

The Xbox 360 add-on has sold over 155,000 units, while according to a study in April, only 100,000 standalone players had been sold. I'm sure that many of you will be quick to note that there have still been more than 255,000 Blu-ray players sold. The only difference is that every HD-DVD player was bought with the sole purpose of watching movies, that is not the case for all Blu-ray players, most notably the PS3.

Also to be noted is that while Blu-ray does have the upper hand on hardware, as well as total movie sales, HD-DVD does have the upper hand in one area. According to a study, for every HD-DVD player, 4 compatible movie titles were purchased, while ratio of Blu-ray players to movies is 1:1. And so the war continues.

Xbox 360 HD DVD Add-on Sells 155,000 Units in U.S. [via dailytech]