Adata debuts new SP600 SSD line

Adata has announced the launch of a new line of solid-state drives called the SP600. This line of SSDs is aimed at entry-level users looking for an upgrade drive to make their computer faster. There are three SSDs in the line, and all of them are budget priced.

Despite low price points, Adata promises decent performance with read speeds of 360 MB per second, and a write speed of 130 MB per second. Adata also promises random 4KB read speeds as high as 40,000 IOPS and write speeds as high as 30,000 IOPS. These SSDs won't break performance records on the market, but they offer decent performance for entry-level users shopping on the cheap side of the market.

The SSD line will be offered in three different capacities. The capacities include 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. These drives aren't sized for massive amounts of storage, but should be large enough for most users to take advantage of as a boot drive.

Users of these storage devices will see faster boot times and quicker application loading times when programs are installed to the SSD. Adata will be offering all three versions of the new SP600 SSD family via Newegg and Amazon among other retailers. The 32 GB drive will sell for $49.99, the 64 GB drive will cost $69.99, and 128 GB drive will sell for $99.99.