Ad-Tech MP15A is a Full-Blown Mobile Projector

We've seen a matchbox-sized miniature projector designed as a modular integrated system for portable platform devices. The Lcos-based miniature projection technology is proven useful and extremely portable. Here's another with similar technology but a full-blown mobile projector promises to deliver a big picture.

The size of a palm, the Ad-Tech mobile projector is easy to carry and can throw 60-inch of picture from a distance of 7.87 feet. Placement is flexible thanks to its zoom focus lens that allows 4-inch of image from as little as 14cm of throwing distance. The Lcos based small wonder has a standard 4:3 size VGA resolution, 200:1 of contrast, 15 lumens of brightness and life expectancy of 20,000 hours.

Battery might not be the power source you would imagine from a projector but the mobile version certainly has one. The unit has a built-in battery that would lasts 40 minutes of continuous use. That's not all the small wonder has to offer; it also comes equipped with a built-in monaural speaker, composite video and analog RGB inputs as well as a mini-audio output.

Pricing information has not yet revealed but the Adtech Ad-MP15A is slated to ship in mid-December.